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Why Bloodborne Should Be On Your Pre-Order List

After playing through the Bloodborne Demo at PAX Prime, I can say to those who might still be on the fence; The game looks amazing, the combat is intense, and it’s definitely challenging. While the care in detail to physical environments are immediately noticeable, the combat system in this game is phenomenal. If you haven’t […]

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The Order 1886, Sir Galahad, Thermite Rifle, Sony Santa Monica Studios,

Cover Based Shooting Makes The Order 1886 Feel Just Right

The Order: 1886 is a new third person shooter coming from Ready At Dawn and published by Sony’s own Santa Monica Studios slated for early next year. The game revolves around the story of Sir Galahad, a member of an elite group of Knights who has an arsenal of advanced weaponry to fight against some […]

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steam speed run, pc game, spoiler alert

Review: Spoiler Alert (Steam)

Another non-PSN game, Spoiler Alert is a frustratingly enjoyable speedrunning game in which you play it backwards. Yes, backwards. Your character, a clever little red chili pepper, runs from right to left in reverse. That’s kind of the “thing” about this game. You un-beat it. You start in the last world of the game, on […]

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mousecraft puzzle game, playstation vita games, cross play game, psn cloud sync,

Review: Mousecraft (PSN)

Mousecraft is a puzzle game made by Curve Studios. If you’ve ever played Lemmings or any game like that, it will feel very familiar to you. Available on PS Vita, PS3, and PS4 and it’s cross-buy/cross-save, so you can play it on whatever PlayStation console you’d prefer. I had to take flight recently, and Mousecraft […]

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Destiny Beta Dates, Collector’s Edition and DLC Detailed

Many new details regarding Destiny, Bungie’s new shooter have been announced. The beta for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 users begins on July 17th. On Monday, July 21st, the beta will go offline for maintenance and return Wednesday, July 23rd. The beta will last until Sunday, July 27th. Content of the beta includes players starting […]

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Review: Strata (Steam)

Strata is an exciting venture off the normal Radio PlayStation path. An interesting puzzle game, Strata weaves (heh, puns) your brain into a path finding machine. Strata’s main focus is on colors and paths and making sure that colors overlap, or don’t overlap in order to fill in the pattern beneath them. You start with […]

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The Last of Us PS4 Bundle Coming to EU

According to the EU Playstation Blog, The Last of Us Remastered will be available in the EU as a bundle with the PS4 console. Aside from the awesome packaging, it appears to be just a regular Jet Black PS4 with the 500GB Hard Drive. €429.99 RRP is the retail price for European retailers and it […]

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Resogun, Heroes DLC, Resogun Season Pass,

Resogun Heroes DLC Now Available!

Hop in your space ship and save the last humans again! The fan favorite side scroller gets a hefty DLC expansion available for download right now. Ian Pickles, one of the Producers at Sony XDEV, the team behind Resogun outlined the new expansion Resogun Heroes on the Playstation Blog. Here is the breakdown of what […]

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