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Radio PlayStation 12-18-14

On today’s show, Martin Brouard, Executive Producer of Chariot, chats with Spider-Jew and Crazy_S about Chariot and bringing back the couch co-op experience. Spider-Jew and Crazy_S then discuss their previous week, Endgame (an awesome game bar out in Tempe), and Crazy_S being an old man. Radio Playstation Podcast

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Flyhunter Origins,

Flyhunter Origins Review (PSVita)

Flyhunter Origins is a side-scrolling bug-swatting platformer from Ripstone Ltd, developed by Steel Wool Games. The game has an interesting story, good plot-line, and a likable main character to tag along with as you make your way across several episodes, each containing a few levels. While the control scheme is solid, it does sometimes look […]

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Radio PlayStation 12-9-14

Spider-Jew, Crazy_S, Jennasaurasrex, and more discuss their time at PlayStation Experience! The show gains a new fan of the show, through way of pizza delivery, and Acdramon regals the viewers with tales of his missing circle! Radio Playstation Podcast

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PS Plus Free Games For December 2014

Another month, another selection of quality PS Plus Free Games! First up, my personal highlight of the month, Secret Ponchos. We covered this game at PAX East and PAX Prime, and we’re super excited to finally have it on console. Secret Ponchos was developed by Switchblade Monkeys and it is an awesome spaghetti-western twin-stick shooter […]

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DriveClub Freebies For Your Troubles

In the ongoing DriveClub struggle, Evolution Studios has announced additional free cars and tracks for players as a thank you for our patience with the server issues and missing features. The following was taken from the official DriveClub facebook page: “As a thank you from Evolution Studios while the remaining server issues are resolved, you […]

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Secret Ponchos PS4 Release This December!

The time has come! Secret Ponchos, something we’ve covered at previous PAX events is finally launching on PS4! This December, Secret Ponchos will launch as part of the PSPlus offerings on Dec 4th! Be sure to grab it while you can, as it will only be available free via PS Plus as part of the […]

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Telltale Releases More Info on Tales from the Borderlands!

Tales from the Borderlands, the new series from Telltale Games has a new trailer today, and also some news! Click the link to view the trailer on YouTube. The following is an excerpt from Telltale’s PR E-mail: Today we can also reveal final casting details. The season will feature Troy Baker as Rhys, Laura Bailey as Fiona, Chris Hardwick as Vaughn, Erin […]

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Spider-Jew Hosts A Game Studio Stream

Earlier this week, I was asked by the devs over at Beatshapers to stream their new game, #killallzombies, to promote its European release this coming week. The stream will take place Saturday, the 8th, at 5PM PST and I will be doing another on Monday, the 10th, starting at 8PM PST. I will be streaming […]

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