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Rainbow Six: Siege Announced By Ubisoft

The Rainbow Six franchise has been dormant for six years, and the supposed Rainbow Six: Patriots has been cancelled and replaced with Rainbow Six: Siege.

The final thing shown during the Ubisoft Press Conference at E3, Rainbow Six: Siege shows off the multiplayer mode in a “hostage” type game mode. In a 5v5 game, we watch from the hostage rescuers point of view, as they go through their options to enter a house filled with enemies in search of a hostage. The gameplay was very good looking, and gameplay goes from a slow-pace to a fast pace within seconds, escalated by both sides in the game.

While we did not see anything else in the demo aside from this one match, the game looks pretty interesting, though not necessarily anything we haven’t seen a game before. Ubisoft has a big reputation to uphold when it comes to Rainbow Six, and while this was shown as “Pre-Alpha” footage, it looks very well put together and clean, so it should be pretty great when it comes out, expected launch of 2015.

To watch the Rainbow Six: Siege World Premiere Gameplay video on youtube, click here.

Source: Ubisoft Press Conference | MarketWatch



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