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Uncharted 4 E3 Trailer + Jbond’s Thoughts

Check out the new Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End trailer from E3 at Naughty Dog’s website!

My take on it; I think we’re seeing an older, potentially washed up Drake and Sully going on one last journey in search of another great treasure hunt. I think we’re at a turning point for both our relationship between Drake and Sully, and Naughty Dog’s relationship with the franchise. With Bruce and Neil at the helm of the ship, it could take a darker path than we might be used to, stemming from the success of The Last of Us.

This is the second Uncharted 4 related content we’ve seen aside from the initial VO trailer voiced by Todd Stashwick, who’s no longer on the U4 project. It’s probably safe to say that given all the shifts at Naughty Dog over the past few months that the direction of the game and story has probably changed a lot, so the initial teaser we got probably has little relevance to the tidbit we’re getting now. Either way, I think this is an exciting time for PS4 owners as we’re finally getting a Naughty Dog game, albeit a set date of 2015 with no time frame other than that.

Pre-Order it now at the Uncharted 4 website.


Source: NaughtyDog | YouTube


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