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Be Excited for The Wolf Among Us


I have only started reading comic books over the past year or so, and so I chose a couple titles to get my feet wet that were a) based on some of my other loves and b) popular enough that I knew I would be getting something liked by the majority of people. After consulting Twitter, some friends, and the recommended reads at the comic book store, I started with The Walking Dead, Batwoman (the New 52), and Fables. I fell in love with their worlds, the stories, and most importantly, the characters. I am now officially hooked on reading paperbacks, and have started branching out to newer titles a little off the beaten path, with excellent results.

Telltale Games has recently come to the forefront of game design by taking these more popular comic book worlds and turning them into interactive stories, with The Walking Dead being the masterpiece of late. By taking the feel of the comic and the environment, and creating a new story that can be experienced personally, they have created an experience of gaming that has been missing from the industry in recent years.  Like The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us is based on the world of the Fables comics, but does not recreate the story arc; instead, it creates something new by throwing the player into a mystery adventure. You play as Bigby Wolf of Red Riding Hood fame, a pretty grumpy, not very well liked Fable, who also serves as the towns detective.


If you’ve played one of the other Telltale Games titles you know what to expect: an interactive story based on quick time events and dialogue choices, set in a graphically stimulating environment. The Wolf Among Us story is heavily affected by the choices you make – the fate of the characters, how you solve the story – and so offers a unique experience to anyone who plays it, as well as the great opportunity for replayability. How you react to other fables, deal with mysteries, and even where you choose to go first heavily impact your story.

What I am excited about is another Telltale adventure into another fantasy world I have a strong affinity for. The approach is similar enough to The Walking Dead that I know what to expect, but different enough to give it a feel more suitable for the Fables world. The Fables comics are surrounded more with mystery and unanswered questions, so having a mystery for the player to solve feels natural, and flows well with the characters you interact with. I played the first episode during Extra Life 2013, and have been impatiently waiting the release of the next installment since. I was left in tears, and am incredibly excited for where the rest of this story goes.

Right now, you can pick up the season pass for The Wolf Among Us for the sale price of 14.99, or 13.49 if you are a Playstation Plus member (which you absolutely should be!) It is originally 19.99, or 4.99 an episode, so this is a great opportunity to get them for a great discount! Episode 1 is available now, and Episode 2 will be out the first week of February – I can’t wait to see more of what happens to Bigby Wolf and the other Fables.

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