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Destiny of Spirits Closed Beta Codes for PS Plus Members

Certain PS Plus members may be getting a special email tonight. The PSVita game Destiny of Spirits has a closed beta that appears to be for PS Plus members only. I received this email earlier tonight.

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Several other friends on twitter have also confirmed they received the same e-mail (all NA PSN account holders). The email also outlines the special access to a forum on the Playstation Beta Central website, where they ask that you provide any sort of feedback to the devs to make adjustments and improvements on the game.

Quickly jumped into the PSN store to download the beta and the beta itself is a 558MB Download.

psplus closed beta, destiny of spirits,

If you’re a North American PS Plus member, keep an eye on your email as it seems that Beta codes are rolling out in waves. No idea as to how many people will receive access, but given that the game is touted as a Free-To-Play RPG, there will probably be a large amount of codes being issued. No idea if anyone outside of the NA has received the code at this time.

For more information on Destiny of Spirits, check out the Playstation Blog post here and here.



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