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Far Cry Classic & Far Cry Compilation Available Now!

Ubisoft has released an updated version of the original Far Cry game, dubbed Far Cry Classic. This game originally debuted on the PC in 2004, and on it’s 10 Year anniversary it makes a stunning re-birth on the PS3. Updated graphics, mechanics and UI make this game a must-have for anyone who has already played some of the more recent FarCry games, like FarCry 2, 3 or the FarCry 3 add-on, Blood Dragon.

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Also being released is the Far Cry Compilation, a retail box set featuring FarCry 2, FarCry 3, and FarCry 3: Blood Dragon. While this box set does not include the Far Cry Classic game, it’s a great addition to any collection. If you already own some of the games individually you might want to hold off though. At $39.99 via, it might not be worth it just to have Far Cry 2 and 3 on the same disc. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is apparently included as a download via a code in the package, not actually included on the game. A disappointed Amazon reviewer also noted that FarCry 2 requires an unknown sized download on the PS3, which wasn’t needed on the original retail version of Far Cry 2. While I cannot confirm the lack of Blood Dragon on the disc, or the install size on FarCry 2, it would seem odd to have a compilation disc that doesn’t actually include all of the included advertised games like other “collection” games have done.

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That being taken under consideration, if you’ve got room to spare on your PS3 and you haven’t had the pleasure of playing these fine games before, it is well worth the money if you’re into open-world first person shooters. Far Cry 2 and 3 both have a multiplayer component, and Far Cry 3 has a co-op component as well.

Far Cry Classic and Far Cry Compilation released today, February 11th, 2014. Find FarCry Classic on the Sony Store for $9.99, and the Far Cry Compilation available at your local video game store, or for $39.99.

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