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First To Greatness Reward


Did you participate in Sony’s First To Greatness campaign? If you completed one of the 64 challenges, then check your email. Challenge winners have been receiving emails in regards to winning a limited edition, only 64 of them, version of the new PlayStation ‘Gold’ headset that was announced today.  After putting in your information, you will be notified that Greatness will arrive in 8-10 weeks. I guess greatness takes time. But seeing as the headset is not out for sale yet, that is not too long to wait for a free headset from Sony. I think it was very nice for them to do this. They had said something would happen after all the challenges were completed, but I never expected a free gift like this! Oh, and for those wondering, I completed the “Who’s That Lady” challenge in LEGO Marvel.

I look forward to receiving mine and giving them a try. I really enjoy using the Pulse Elite headset, but maybe this new headset will become my new favorite audio device. Oh, and I took some pictures, in case you worried that this was not legit. Greatness Awaits!


Did you complete a First To Greatness challenge? If so, let us know which one!







  • Im so jelly right now, I am going to be at your house to receive them for you 😉


    son of a bitch!!!! i want those headsets!

  • Jordan Johnson

    I won too!! I completed the Lebron James Tomahawk challenge. This is so awesome of Sony. Check it

    • Radio PlayStation

      Awesome! I can’t wait until they arrive. I love free stuff!

  • Arkafazin

    I’m one of those lucky few too. I completed the Diamond Knack challenge and was really surprised to receive that email yesterday xD

  • DelsinRowe

    I also got the email and my wife got it 3 times since she completed 3 of the challenges.

  • Bob

    Has anyone gotten more information after filling out the form?