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Five Little Things the PS4 Needs

          As the arrival of the PlayStation 4 creeps closer, expectations for PlayStation’s next console remain high. From blockbuster game titles to redesigned interfaces, the PlayStation 4 looks to improve and expand upon what Sony has learned during the life of the PlayStation 3. Yet, while many large changes are incoming, there are still many smaller ways to enhance the next console.

Trophy Reward System

          The PlayStation Network’s trophy achievement system has been around for nearly 5 years now. As it continues on for the PS3, PS Vita, and PlayStation 4, it only seems right to reward fervent PlayStation fans for the many hours they’ve dedicated to the PlayStation Network. An appropriate reward system on the PlayStation 4 would achieve this. Whether it be an earn-and-buy points system, free beta invites, or some form of PlayStation Plus integration, PlayStation could give back to its past-generation trophy hunters and provide incentive for others to invest their time into the PlayStation Network.

Improved Downloads

          On the PlayStation 3, you can only download your game content while in the home menu or while playing games that don’t require internet connectivity. Games that require internet connections, or “Network Features,” prevent content from downloading while you play. With the enhanced hardware and Gaikai technology, the PlayStation 4 will likely address and eliminate this problem.

PlayStation Plus Network Integration

          After the official reveal of the PlayStation 4, one topic that created some buzz on the web was the likelihood of PlayStation charging consumers for certain network features on its next console. If PlayStation does go down this route, it would seem best to include such services as part of PlayStation Plus. It is very likely that the PlayStation Plus program will be unable to add many PlayStation 4 titles to its Instant Game Collection during the early stages of the PS4. Thus, the integration of impending network costs into PlayStation Plus, without increasing the service’s current prices, would give more incentive for PS4 users to invest in the service.

Improved PS4/Vita Functionality

          Currently, the PS3 and PS Vita systems act as rather separate entities on the PlayStation Network. While you can use the Vita to check what your friends are playing on either platform, the PS3 doesn’t seem to acknowledge the Vita in the same way. The cross-platform messaging system needs refinement, and voice/video chat must be capable between the Vita and PS4. This lack of communication between the PS3 and Vita systems may just be a result of greater focus on PS4/Vita connectivity, but nothing has yet been confirmed. Ultimately, the PlayStation 4 system will bring remote play and other big changes, but simple cross-platform additions like these would help to better unify the PlayStation Network.

PlayStation Store Gifting

          Another small change such as the ability to gift game content to friends would also benefit the PlayStation Network. Already found in other software-vending sites, this feature would be a rather fun addition and could add to the next console’s emphasis on social interaction.

          As more and more is revealed about the PlayStation 4 and its many features, what other small additions should be made for the next console? Let us know by sounding off in the Comments below.

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