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Gaikai Used for PS4 Remote Play On Vita

Well, the Sony Gamescom conference was awesome. So many thing to discuss about the event, but one thing caught my eye that I wanted to discuss right now. During the Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag demo, they also demoed going over to the Vita, using Remote Play. During the demo, it appeared that they flawlessly transitioned over the the Vita in the middle of the game. We didn’t really see how it was started up over on the Vita though, but it looked great nonetheless. The gameplay on the Vita appeared to be great quality. And then we all moved on.

After the event, people were posting on Twitter about a variety of Sony topics, in regards to what was and wasn’t shown at the conference. One thing, that most assumed was missing, was Gaikai. Well, based on this tweet, by CEO of Gaikai, David Perry, it seems Gaikai was there.


Yes, it appears that Remote Play will be powered by Gaikai! This might mean that Remote play will actually work the way we all want it to, meaning that it will actually work!

So, what are your thoughts on Gaikai working on Remote Play for the Ps4? Personally, I am looking forward to this, but let me know what you think in the comments below.


  • Mstrbrown

    I think most people anticipated Gaikai tech to be used for exactly what they confirmed in the tweet above.
    Sadly the fact that they didn’t show the process of initiating remote play makes me wonder if the feature will work flawlessly at launch day.