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Greatness Awaits 24hr Stream

What is the Greatness Awaits 24hr stream?
This is a 24hr game stream of all of our favorite PlayStation games from the early days of
the PS1 all the way to the moment before the PS4 is available for purchase, hosted by Spider-Jew
and Crazy_S from Radio PlayStation. As we get ready for the release of the PS4, we’d like to show
our respect to the generations of games and consoles that have paved the way for the Playstation 4,
as a memento to the success of the PS console. We want to bring the PlayStation community
together to celebrate the brand that we all love and to await the coming greatness that is the PS4.

When will this stream take place?
November 8th at 5PM Pacific time until November 9th at 5PM Pacific time. This is the
weekend before the PS4 launch in NA.

Where can I watch the stream?
As with all RadioPS streams, you can find it on our website, or on
our Twitch page at

What content can I expect on the stream?
1. The stream will begin with PlayStation 1 games, move to PS2 games, and then
finish the stream with PS3 games, travelling through the history of the PlayStation
brand. It will be a trip down memory lane for us and many people in the community,
taking a look back at some of our favorite games.

2. During the stream, RadioPS will speak with developers and other community
members about PlayStation and what they are looking forward to with the PS4.

3. Staff from various game sites and devs that are unable to call in live, will be
encouraged to create short videos, such as sharing PlayStation memories.

How to participate and be a part of the stream:

Before the event:

1. Reply on this thread with your favorite PlayStation game or a game you believe is a must
play for this stream. We are finalizing our list over the next week or so, and your pick just
might make the list!

2. Follow us on Twitter: itsRadioPS for new infomation about the stream throughout the next
month and use #GreatnessAwaits to help spread the word about the event.

3. Follow us on Twitch to be notified by email when the stream goes live on November 8th.

During the event:

1. The Twitch chat will be open for all to communicate throughout the event and messages from
the chat may make it on to the stream.

2. Call in to the stream, through the RadioPS Skype account: radioplaystation to share, for example,
your favorite moment in gaming, buying your first PS console, or answering various questions
posted during the stream.

3. During PS3 multiplayer games, the community may join in on various matches. Be sure to
message RadioPS_LIVE on the PSN to be added in for the matches.

4. Through this thread, Twitter, and the Twitch chat, there will be oppotunities for the community to
win prizes. In addition, there will be random giveaways to Twitch subscribers to allow the community
more chances to win.

What are these prizes/giveaways that you speak of?
As we move closer to the event, more will be announced, but some prizes we will now mention
include Greatness Awaits shirts from PAX Prime, DLC from various games, and various PS Plus codes.

I hope that we will see you all there for the stream. Throughout the month, I will be
updating the thread with more information and a game schedule, prior to the stream.
Be sure to check back to be sure you didn’t miss anything. And remember, Greatness Awaits!

  • bobby

    will you be playing the original Jak & Daxter games?

    • Radio PlayStation

      We will be playing one of them, yes. 🙂