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Guacamelee Review

Price: 14.99
PS3 size: 527 MB
PS Vita Size: 327 MB

Here is the video review:

Or you can read the written review, if you prefer:
There are so many great things about this game. The combat is a lot of fun. As you progress through the game, you unlock new special moves that assist in destroying their corresponding blocks, take down enemy shields, reach new areas, and add to the awesome combos you can do in the game. I couldn’t wait to find a group of enemies to keep the combat going. Fighting the bosses in the game is also fun. They are not too challenging, but they do require skill to defeat. DrinkBox Studios found a nice balance with that.

The gameplay is awesome. I am a fan of 2D platformers and Guacamelee is one that I thoroughly enjoyed. The Metroid-style open world was perfect and after unlocking new moves, which opens the opportunity to reach new areas, I never felt like it was a chore to go back to old areas to finish my exploration. I felt that the platforming was spot on, with it being a challenge at times, but nothing too frustrating as to cause me to stop playing the game. The only area that game me a bit of trouble, was an entirely optional area at the top of a giant tree. This part took me several attempts to complete, but I felt very accomplished by the end it.

You also, during the course of the game, switch between the Living World and the Dead World. Some enemies are in the opposite world, and you must switch between worlds to attack the different enemies. It also adds to the platforming, as you must switch between worlds to make various platforms appear and disappear.

There are also optional side missions in the game which earn you pieces of heart to increase your health meter. You can also find pieces of heart and pieces of a skeleton face, which increases your stamina for special moves, in various chests scattered throughout the world. Defeating enemies, finding money chests, and destroying oversized pinatas after beating an arena, earns you coins, which you can use to upgrade things, such as how fast you regain your stamina.

The game features cross-buy, as well as cross-play. It was nice to play the game, using the Vita screen as my map. You can also do local co-op.

The game is not very long, in terms of playing through the story. But making sure to find everything in the game, including a few collectibles that give you an alternate ending to the game, put me in around 9 hours.

As far as the visuals go, I enjoy the art style. The different areas in the game all look unique. The music in the game is great. Sometimes I would find myself stopping, just to take a break and listen to the music.

For those of you that enjoy trophy hunting, Guacamelee has 39 bronze, 5 silver, 3 gold, and a platinum trophy! During my first play through, I earned all but two trophies that you earn playing through the game on Hard, and the platinum. Hard mode is unlocked after your first play through. So, it is possible to earn all of the trophies in just two play throughs. Playing through the game on both systems will not earn you double trophies, as they share a trophy list, but I enjoyed playing the game on the Vita, as well as the PS3 and encourage those that have both to do the same.

And for people that spend their time looking for easter eggs in a game, man does Guacamelee have those. You can find game references everywhere you look. Games such as Journey, The Legend of Zelda, and Portal are all referenced in one way or another.

Guacamalee is an excellent 2D platformer with awesome combat. For those that like a number rating, I would give Guacamelee a 9.5 out of 10. But more importantly, I recommend that you buy Guacamelee!