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PlayStation Plus January Preview

PlayStation Plus rolls into the New Year with new games for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Don’t Starve will be added as the new PS4 game, making it the third PS4 game added to the Instant Game Collection. For PS3: BioShock Infinite, DMC, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will be added, and all three were very well received, including BioShock Infinite, receiving some Game of the Year nominees. Finally for PS Vita, Worms: Battle Island and Smart As, will be your treat for any road trips you may be taking in the New Year.

don't starve Don’t Starve (PS4): In this survival game, you will need to find your way back home from a mysterious place. Wrapped in a pencil drawn art style, with multiple playable characters, players will try to survive the world around them. You will die a lot, but finding your way home will be the ultimate satisfaction.




bioshock-infiniteBioShock Infinite (PS3): From the creators of the original BioShock, players control Booker DeWitt who has a debt that needs to be paid. The only way to pay that debt, is journey to the mysterious and colorful city of Columbia and find Elizabeth. A girl locked in a tower with many secrets of her own. BioShock Infinite was one of the highest reviewed games of 2013.



dmcDMC Devil May Cry (PS3): In a somewhat reboot of the series, players control Dante, in which he tries to send the monsters from the underworld back to hell. Discovering Dante’s past covered by lies is the centerpiece of the story. Released almost a year ago, this stylish action game is a great addition to the lineup.




brothersatotsBrothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PS3): Brothers tasks players trying to find a cure for their dying father. You control each brother, with each thumb stick to solve puzzles and explore the world around you. The game was praised for its heartening story and its unique puzzle mechanics.




worms_battle_islands_psp_release_screen_05-620xWorms: Battle Island (PS Vita): In the long running Worms series, Battle Island’s will have you battling with players online in online arenas. There are sixty solo missions, varying game modes and a level editor that will keep you occupied for a long time.




Smart asSmart As… (PS Vita): Using many of the unique features of the PS Vita, Smart As includes math, memory, and logic puzzles to verify how smart (or dumb) you really are. If you want to show off your skills, the game supports sharing to Facebook and Twitter.



What are your thoughts on the new games for the Instant Game Collection? What games are you most looking forward to? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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