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PS Vita Backgrounds

So, I made a handful of Radio Playstation PS Vita lock screens/backgrounds for myself and the gang here at Radio Playstation. Turns out a lot of other people want them to, so I’m making this post to give people a place to download them. The images are posted in their full size for the PSVita. Simply click the images below, and then right click and save-as the image that opens in your browser. The files below have been shrunk to fit on the page properly.

Please don’t just take these and go posting them on other sites, and if you are going to use them, please tweet us @itsRadioPS and let us know you’re using them, cause it’ll make us feel special. If you want to link to this page from a forum please do so, but do not take the work and post it elsewhere.

The goods:

psvita, lock screen vita, psvita background

playstation vita background, psvita,

psvita background

radio playstation, psvita, psv background,

psvita lock screen, playstation vita background

psvita background


Thanks and Enjoy!


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