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Radio Playstation 7-11-12

On today’s show, Crazy_S and Spider-Jew discuss what they have been playing on the PS3. Spider-Jew reviews recent game news, such as Metal Gear Solid 4 getting trophies! Crazy_S and Spider-Jew attempt trivia again, this time LBP themed. Spider-Jew plays DYAD and it is amazing. Be sure to purchase DYAD when it is released next week. Crazy_S shows viewers how to download dynamic themes.

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5 Responses to “Radio Playstation 7-11-12”

  1. if you could if you could aske the trivia again and put a beta code maybe but do that for like next because beta end in july 30 thats if you can if you cant then keep it coming

  2. i was one of them until i get them

  3. im watching from Puerto Rico and my cousin is watching from africa so yea

  4. puerto rico is part of usa like hawai so does it count

  5. you got competitor is radio playstation uk look it on faceboom it got like 72 likes

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