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  • jbond1010

    Oh YE of little faith. You thought I’d never comment on your videos.

    Anyways, Sound Shapes really is a totally awesome game. As far as campaign goes it’s pretty simple and in my opinion not what you are paying for. I really look at the campaign as a way to show you what CAN be done with the game, but the magic shines in creation mode. You can literally rebuild entire songs using the tools you’re given (and ones you unlock by completing the campaign levels by the way) and make a fun little level to play. You could simply create an easy level that you fly through, simply to play a song.

    What really seals the deal for me is cross play. Being able to go between PS3 and the Vita is great. This is a perfect example of what other devs need to do to make the vita an even more powerful gaming device. I like that I can start on the ps3, but if I have to head out, can still work on it on my vita.