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Radio Playstation 6-28-11

During today’s show, Spider-Jew and Crazy_S spend time discussing their new RSS feed and their logo that was created by listeners in LittleBigPlanet 2. Crazy_S and Spider-Jew discuss new releases for the week and the PS store update for the week. Spider-Jew attempts to play the new Uncharted 3 beta, but the beta had technical difficulties, so he played LBP2 instead. The show wants an intro jingle made by listeners. If you create one, email the show at Crazy_S and Spider-Jew discuss new contest ideas with the listeners, such as “Show Us Your Bum,” where listeners take a photo with a homeless person, holding a Radio Playstation sign.

Radio Playstation Podcast

  • David Bibby

    Hey can you try do the earlier one on Thursday? It’s just the time difference is to great for me over in England, otherwise I’d listen to you all of the time.
    I’ve just listened to your podcast from yesterday. Good stuff!!

  • Spider-Jew

    We will be doing the Thursday show, no worries. 🙂