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Radio Playstation 6-26-11

Listen to Crazy_S and Spider-Jew for their first recorded LIVE radio show. Spider-Jew discusses plans to make t-shirts for the show as Thank You gifts for those who donate and random prizes. Crazy_S and Spider-Jew try out their webcam to interact with listeners during the break. Spider-Jew and Crazy_S announce the winner of the “Show Us Your Junk” contest and give a random listener a free LBP t-shirt. Crazy_S and Spider-Jew play some Killzone 3 for Triple XP weekend, and chat about giving PlayStation t-shirts to the homeless!

Radio Playstation Podcast

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  • David Bibby

    Hey, I downloaded your podcast, it’s fine after you tweeked it, after you say “we sound far away”, but after you changed something you sound really good.

    Which file did you want? I’ll be able to send them to you?

    An update on the job front, I got the job!! Thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to let me design for you guys. If you need anything else designing, then please let me know!!