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Radio Playstation 2-6-12

Today on Radio PlayStation, Spider-Jew and Crazy_S discuss their weekends. The show has a new intro song, thanks to Sabrina, give it a listen. Spider-Jew updates us on recent PlayStation news. During Fillin’ The Gap, burton18000 calls in to challenge Spider-Jew to a Onesie Onesie Bro match on Uncharted 3. Burton and Spider-Jew engage in a heated battle…watch to see who wins. Mel and Bobby, from Zen Studios, stop by to talk about the new Zen Pinball table, Epic Quest!

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  • obcfamily

    I heard that there were some rumors being spread that I was dead XD
    Look out! Here is the latest Celeb Death: Aubrey Plaza!
    And you will never beat my Iron Man score. That was the first table I started on and now I lead the leaderboards >:D (This is technically a good thing for you because when I get cocky, I start to lose/fail at everything so maybe you will beat my score…..or not)
    Oh and funny thing about you talking bout Phoenix, just on saturday my dad was talking bout wanting to move to Flagstaff I think it was just so that he can ride out there or something (I kinda zoned out)
    I would find it hilarious if my dad made us move there, it is up north of phoenix he said XP
    If he did, I would probably be able to get mailed giveaways instead of just codes 😛
    Anyway, just found that pretty funny