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Review: Flower (PS4)

Often times video games were referred to as experiences and I never understood this moniker given to our favorite medium. Since playing Flower on PS3 for the first time back in 2009, there are now many games I refer to as experiences. It is one of those games where it offers a soothing stress-free environment that allows you to wonder about life and the great outdoors. As a $7 dollar Cross-buy downloadable title, it is one of the greatest games on PSN that has only improved with the launch of the PS4.

Flower’s premise is simple. You start with launching off one flower petal and touch other flower petals to eventually reach the end of the level. With a press of any button you choose, you control the wind and soar from one petal to the next. The game is controlled entirely with motion in the controller, and it works fantastic. It worked well on PS3, and works even better now on PS4, with the help of the new DualShock 4 controller. How you get there is a calming and joyful experience that leaves you smiling and leads you to see all the good things in life. The game includes 6 levels, plus a bonus level, and lasts only an hour or so, but Flower has always been a game I have come back to as an escape from reality. The bright colors and environments, plus the incredible score of the game fully immerse you into its world.

It’s hard to think a game so well presented on PlayStation 3 could be improved, but the game on PlayStation 4 is more beautiful and more responsive than its PlayStation 3 counter-part. First, the game now runs at a 1080p resolution and at 60 frames per second.  This helps Flower’s colors look even brighter and the gameplay feel even smoother. Small particle effects when brushing off the grass are even more evident on PS4. Switching back and forth between the PS3 and PS4 version is night and day. After playing the PS4 version, you will never want to go back to playing on PS3. In addition, there is other ways Flower takes advantage of PS4. The front speaker on the controller is used when a gust of wind flies by your flowers and the light bar changes colors depending on the level you are on and the color complements the level. The new triggers in DualShock 4 also help with precision flying, and it helps you know how much wind to add in a specific situation.

In terms of content, Flower is the exact same game across PS3, PS Vita, and PS4. The game offers the same levels and the same trophy list, and each version of the game has its own separate trophy list. It would have been nice to have a new level included, but the amount of enhancements that developer Bluepoint has made to the original game (developed by thatgamecompany), makes an already great experience an even better one.

Flower is not an ordinary game. It is a special kind of game that needs to be experienced firsthand to fully appreciate. I would recommend Flower to anyone, even to people who have never played a game before. When I show what video games are to someone, Flower is the game I show them. It was a fantastic game on PS3, and the PS4 version takes it to the next level in many ways, making it the definitive version.

What do you think? Do you enjoy the improvements of the PS4 version to PS3? Or is this your first experience with Flower on the PS4? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Check it out on the Sony Store here.

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