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Sony Announces PlayStation Now Streaming Service

At CES earlier today, Sony has announced PlayStation Now, a game streaming service that allows for games from PlayStation’s history to be streamed on current PlayStation hardware, and non-gaming platforms like tablets and smart phones. The acquisition of Gaikai makes PlayStation Now a reality.

First discussed at the PlayStation Meeting last year, the Gaikai based technology will be used to make up for the lack of backwards compatibility on PS4. At CES this week, PS3 games God of War: Ascension, Puppeteer, Beyond: Two Souls, and The Last of Us are playable on PS Vita and new Bravia Smart TV, using this technology. PS Now games will also support online multiplayer and trophies.

Sony has confirmed that PlayStation Now will be available through a subscription service, though no price has been given. It is also unclear if the PlayStation Now service will be tied into existing PlayStation Plus accounts. For non-subscribers to PS Now, players will be able to rent games that interest them. A closed beta will begin later this month, and a full roll-out of the service will start later this summer.

Our very own Crazy_S is at CES this week, and will have hands on impressions of PS Now in action. In the time being, follow him on Twitter @CrazyES.


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