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The Last of Us Pulse Elite Preset is Available Now

You may have seen a post a few weeks ago from E3 where Spider-Jew first announced a possible The Last of Us Sony Elite Pulse Headset preset being made. A twitter post from Naughty Dog stated the following,

“The official #TheLastOfUs audio mode for the Pulse Elite Edition headset is now available for free. Download it from the Elite app now!”

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 12.49.17 AM

Checked and verified, The Last of Us audio preset is currently up and available for download using the Pulse Elite Manager app. If you have the Pulse Elite headsets and do not have the app, simply head for the Playstation Store. Once there, go to PS3 Apps, and locate the Pulse Elite Manager. It’s free and under 50 MB (there was a 30MB update when I just opened it up, not sure how recent that update is v1.04) and took maybe two minutes to download. From there, it will show up under Games on your XMB. To upload the preset to your headset, you’ll need to connect the Pulse headset via USB to your PS3 and then download the presets you want to get and upload them following the instructions in the app.

Once installed, you’re good to go! Now get back in The Last of Us and enjoy the frighteningly creepy sounds of those clickers and runners in hi-definition surround sound!



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