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The PS4 is Finally Here!

Quick post about the launch of the PS4. Did you get one? Where did you go?

ps4 launch, playstation 4Feel free to comment below and share your FIRST experience picking up that PS4 box off the store counter. Let us know how your in-line experiences were while waiting with other fellow gamers.

What games does everyone have? We want to be able to play with all of you in the community, so feel free to let us know what games you have, and what games we should start streaming once we’re all set up and ready to go with the PS4.

Exciting times are ahead of us everyone. The Greatness is HERE.



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  • ilykemudkipz

    I was the 4th person to start waiting in line at my Gamestop. I was 3rd in the line for those trying to buy an extra one. I got there at 2PM. For the most part everyone was excited to get their PS4, but of course there were those rotten apples who complained about having to wait in line to get their pre ordered PS4s. I picked up BF4 and CoD Ghosts. Was going to try and get games from Target for the B2GO deal, but by the time I got my number in line to receive my PS4, all they had left was Just Dance -_- This is my first ever Midnight Release for anything, and the first time I have ever bought a console in the same year it was released. Absolutely great feeling.

    • jbond

      Awesome! Yeah, this is also my first launch console as well. I have Killzone, Battlfield and NBA 2K14. Target deal is great, though they were completely sold out of Knack.

      See you on the Battlefield soldier! (psn – jbond1010)

  • King_Cobra97

    I was 10th in line at my local Futureshop out of about 30. They had 70 consoles there, way more than I was expecting. This was the first time waiting in line for anything at launch. I picked up a bundle with an extra controller, two games (my choice) and a 3 year warrenty. I got Battlefield 4, Knack and I’m getting KZ Shadowfall this weekend.
    Feel free to add me on PSN. – King_Cobra97