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The Unofficial PS4 Compatible Accessories List

With the release of the PS4 coming out and uncertainty about which accessories will work with it, we’ve decided to start compiling an unofficial list of accessories based off our own use, and user-submitted comments about products you’ve tested with the device. Some will be based off what manufacturers have said, and others will be from our personal experience.

NOTE: Just because we are using/tested these items and they work for us, does not mean that there couldn’t be some weird situation where they do not work for you. Any modifications to your hard drive or accessories used on your PS4 is at your own risk! We cannot predict or test for every small change in experience, so be aware of that when making any adjustments to your PS4.


Polk Audio Striker Zx Xbox One Headset – Don’t let the name fool you. While they are designed for Xbox One, they use a 3.5mm adapter to connect to the included Xbox Stereo Adapter. You can plug them right into the dualshock 4 and they work just fine. Downside is there are no audio adjustments or mic mute buttons on the headset itself (only through the xbox adapter) so you’ve got to adjust volume via the PS4’s Settings menu for Audio Devices. Otherwise the chat quality and sound quality is fantastic.

Astro A40s – Max Parker, a video game columnist for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, streamed the PS4 for several hours pre-PS4 launch via the PS4’s twitch interface. He was using his Astro A40’s with an older mixamp (I am unsure of what the model was on the mixamp, but he said it was an older model). This was out of the box integration via USB.

Turtle Beach PX4 – Turtle Beach claims off their website that the PX4 Headset is compatible with the PS4, and they claim it is as good if not better than the Sony Pulse Elite headset, which isn’t even compatible with the PS4 until a patch is released.

Turtle Beach PLa – Tested by Jbond, this headset plugs in via usb and works via game sounds and in-game chat. Also works for Voice Commands.

Blue Snowflake Microphone – Tested by Jbond. PS4 immediately recognized it as a USB microphone. Also worked for PS4 voice commands.

Blue Yeti Microphone – Works as a microphone for the PS4. Has an audio output on the yeti itself so you can attach a pair of headphones to it to give yourself the game and chat audio.

Sony Pulse Elite Headset – Works when you connect the auxiliary cable into the controller and change the audio settings to “All Audio” to be sent to the headset and you will get game and chat audio. It does not currently work using the USB dongle. *Update: this should be fully patched and work via dongle now.*

Plantronics RIG Gaming Headset – Submitted via comment on post. (Thanks Tom!)

Hard Drives- (Factory hard drive in Jbond’s PS4 was an HGST 500GB 5400RPM Drive. May vary from batch to batch of PS4s, but worth noting.)

HGST Travelstar 1TB 7200RPM Hard Drive. Jbond is currently using this in his PS4.
(update 12/27/13 – No issues/failures due to the higher RPM drive. Heat monitored via infrared temp gun show max 105degF at the vents in horizontal position while playing Killzone. No noticeable sound increase over stock PS4 HD. Update 10/18/2014 – Hard drive still going strong!)

Western Digital 1TB 5400RPM Hard Drive. Spider-Jew and Crazy S both have this hard drive in their PS4s. (Update 10/18/2014 – no issues to report!)

Samsung Spinpoint M8 1TB 5400RPM Hard Drive. Greg Miller uses this in his PS4.

Seagate 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive SATA 6Gbps 64MB Cache. Submitted via twitter.

update 11/19/14 – There are now 2TB 2.5″ Hard Drives that are slim enough to fit in the PS4, however we have not tested any of these. If you’ve got one running in your console let us know so we can update the list and help other gamers expand their PS4 libraries!

USB Devices-

Apple USB Keyboard Extension Cable – The USB extension cable that is packaged with the USB Keyboard works with the DualShock 4 charge cable. I don’t know why any standard USB extension cable wouldn’t work, but I’ve tested it so there you have it.

Alienware USB Keyboard – Off an Alienware X51. I assume most standard USB keyboards will connect, but this was what we had at our dispoal.

Logitech Cordless MediaBoard Pro for PS3 – Works with PS4.

PS3 Eye Camera – Does NOT work. “Device Not Supported” appears on screen when it is plugged in.

Note: Again, any and all adjustments/modifications to your PS4 is at your own risk.

Update 12/12/2014: Most devices will tell you upfront if they’re compatible upon plugging the USB into your PS4. If you find a unique item that works/doesn’t work, feel free to let us know in the comments. Otherwise use this as a general reference for products that do work with your PS4.

Game on!


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  • Zenbithal

    We need to go more in depth. What usb devises work? Accessories? and all the headsets need to be tested

    • jbond

      That’s the idea Zenbithal, if everyone comments and lets us know what they’ve used that has worked/hasn’t worked we can start to compile a very large list of compatible accessories for the PS4. Ideally it’s more to save people money so they don’t have to go right out and purchase a new headset, if an older one they have might still work.

      • Zenbithal

        Any idea on things like Fight Sticks, Rockband controllers and Mic as well as what happes when you stick a ps1-ps3 game in the system?

  • Tom Saunders

    Plantronics RIG headset works. No problems

    • Jbond

      Updated! Thanks Tom!

  • Unknown224

    Does the Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone definitely work in the PS4, Because I dont wont to pay $100+ for something that wont

    • Jbond

      Yep, We’ve used it as a mic for the PS4 as well. You can also use the Blue Snowflake if you wanted, which is the smaller laptop-based one as well. The PS4 will see it as a microphone.

  • Baileydynamic

    my mini usb microphone doesn’t work? I try to chat online with it and nothing will happen. Its a cheap mic but i thought it would work.

    • Jbond

      Not all devices will work, but most do. If when you plug it into the PS4 it says “unknown device detected” or “device not recognized” it most likely will not work due to driver issues.

      If it doesn’t pop up any messages when you connect it, then try going to the settings page for accessories and see if there is a “headset” or “audio device” listed and maybe that’s why the mic isn’t working. Since you said it’s mini-usb, are you using an adapter to connect it to the PS4? If you’re trying to connect it into the DualShock 4 controller I don’t believe that is supported for any device at the moment.

      • Baileydynamic

        ok man thanks. nothing comes up so i will go to settings and see if i can do something from there 🙂 I’m not using an adaptor or anything so yeah.

      • Baileydynamic

        Dude I tried to go through the settings and devices and everything but nothing is there about the mic when I plug it in? When i plug it in absolutely nothing happens?

        • Jbond

          If nothing happens when you plug it in I guess that means it’s not recognizing the USB device at all. It might be one of the few things that just isn’t compatible at all, or for whatever reason the USB ports don’t provide the right amount of power to the microphone. Seems weird that it doesn’t connect at all though.

          • Baileydynamic

            Yeah it does seem a bit weird haha. What a shame that it doesn’t work but fair enough

  • Billy Whitman

    My M-Audio Fast Track Pro is compatible, though with some audio quirks. The microphone and output were immediately recognized as a usb headset though I noticed the audio playback appears to be slightly pitch shifted.

    • Freddy

      Which fast track pro do you have? I’ve tried looking everywhere for a device that’ll allow my microphone

      • Billy Whitman

        It’s just the Fast Track Pro. “Pro” is the specific type of Fast Track device by M-Audio. You can find it used several places online I’m sure.