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Upload Feature Used During PlayStation Meeting 2013

Written by Joshua Kobzeff, Web show host/Community Manager


During the PlayStation Meeting, Killzone Shadow Fall was announced. When the demo ended, one of the PS4’s new features was shown off; the ability to upload gameplay video directly to Facebook. When the demo ended, the gameplay was quickly selected for upload. The audience was then informed that the video was uploaded to Facebook for all to see.


Was the video actually uploaded through this feature, or was it staged to look that way to help promote the new feature? I would tend to give Sony the benefit of the doubt, but I am sure there are some skeptics out there. Here is the video below. The video appears to have uploaded in HD. If this was really uploaded when they said they did, then the uploading feature appears to work very well, as the video looks awesome.

Let us know what you think. Was the demo really uploaded, or was it staged to look as though it was uploaded from the meeting? Also, what are your thoughts on the upload feature for the PlayStation 4?

  • King_Cobra97

    I think the upload feature is going to be a great thing, encouraging people to upload and share should benifit the community. I really like where they’re going with the PS4.

  • It should be interesting if they deliver on what they said