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Hey Everyone! While asking for donations is hard, we thought we’d explain a bit about where our donations go.

Donations have helped us upgrade our streaming equipment to provide high-quality streams for your enjoyment. It also helps provide towards the cost of games and DLC that we purchase to play and show all of you. We occasionally do contests and giveaways, and while many times we are able to have items given to us by game companies or community managers (which we love and adore you for), sometimes we purchase the prizes ourselves to giveaway. It also helps to cover costs of shipping items as well. While we do not expect donations, they are much appreciated and super helpful. If you would like to buy a RadioPlaystation T-Shirt, you can click the link above to go to our SpreadShirt page where you can get your very own RPS t-shirt in a few different styles. Buying t-shirts also helps us out too, but if you’re lucky you might just win one during our livestreams!

These are just some of the things we’ve been able to giveaway to all of our wonderful fans.

    rps_prizes                               rps_shirts2

(Goodies from our 24hr Greatness Awaits Livestream)                     (The newest iteration of RadioPlaystation T-shirts for giveaways)