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DriveClub PS Plus Edition To Feature 11 Tracks, 10 Cars

Right on the heels of the release of the full version of DriveClub, DriveClub PS Plus Edition will be Free (yes, FREEEEEEE) for PSPlus members this October as part of the monthly PS Plus offering announced earlier today on the Playstation Blog. The PS Plus edition of DriveClub will feature 11 tracks from India and […]

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The Last of Us PS4 Bundle Coming to EU

According to the EU Playstation Blog, The Last of Us Remastered will be available in the EU as a bundle with the PS4 console. Aside from the awesome packaging, it appears to be just a regular Jet Black PS4 with the 500GB Hard Drive. €429.99 RRP is the retail price for European retailers and it […]

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Resogun, Heroes DLC, Resogun Season Pass,

Resogun Heroes DLC Now Available!

Hop in your space ship and save the last humans again! The fan favorite side scroller gets a hefty DLC expansion available for download right now. Ian Pickles, one of the Producers at Sony XDEV, the team behind Resogun outlined the new expansion Resogun Heroes on the Playstation Blog. Here is the breakdown of what […]

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Borderlands 2 for PSVita Gets Updates But Is It Enough?

Several weeks after the launch of Borderlands 2 for the PSVita, the game finally gets some much needed updates. Galaxy Studios, the dev house that worked on BL2 for Vita has made adjustments in update 1.04 (available today, June 20th) that should help overall stability of the game, as many players noted issues with frame […]

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Guacamelee! Coming to PS4 With Updates

Your favorite fighting luchadors return to Guacamelee! Coming to you on July 1st for the PlayStation 4! The team at DrinkBox Studios have brought Guacamelee! in full force to the PS4, and with added bonuses. Dubbed the “Super Turbo Champioship Edition,” this includes the original game plus the costume and Inferno DLC packages that were […]

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Pre-Loading Now Available on PS4

After a long wait, you can now download your games several days in advance so you can just boot them up on release. Pre-loading has been a long teased feature for the PS4 for a while now. This feature will alleviate the problem of having to download a game on release day, which could not […]

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Ponchos, Early Access, Steam, Switchblade Monkeys, Twin Stick Shooter,

Secret Ponchos Hits Steam Early Access for PC!

The awesome twin-stick shooter Secret Ponchos has arrived on Steam’s Early Access program for the PC. The Spaghetti-Western shooter is still on track for the PlayStation 4 this Fall but Switchblade Monkeys, the developers behind the game are also bringing the game to Steam as well. We demoed the game at PAX Prime last year, […]

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Driveclub Has Some Amazing Features

If you’ve seen any of the teaser videos of Driveclub, you’re already well aware of the detail that went into the tracks, cars, and environment. It’s shaping up to be a masterpiece of a driving game, even though it was delayed nearly a year after being touted as a PS4 Launch game. Driveclub is currently […]

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