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A New Playstation 4 Wireless Headset Coming Soon

Although the listings are now removed, two online retailers had a new Sony headset listed, this one compatible for the Playstation 4. The Gold Wireless headset was listed for 129.99 USD and featured 7.1 virtual surround sound, a headset companion app, adaptable audio, a hidden mic, and customizable faceplates. It will be compatible with PS3, PS4, Vita, as well as mobile devices, however the wireless and surround sound uses will only work with the consoles.



This new headset comes at a bit of surprise, as current Pulse Elite owners are still waiting on a compatibility patch to make the headsets work with the PS4; as of yet, we have only heard from Shuhei Yoshida it will come in a “future firmware update”.

Look for more info on this headset and its possible release in February, as well as any updates on old headset compatibility, here at Radio Playstation.

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