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Borderlands 2 for PSVita Gets Updates But Is It Enough?

Several weeks after the launch of Borderlands 2 for the PSVita, the game finally gets some much needed updates. Galaxy Studios, the dev house that worked on BL2 for Vita has made adjustments in update 1.04 (available today, June 20th) that should help overall stability of the game, as many players noted issues with frame rate and performance.


A host of adjustments/additions have been made for controls on the device, which is a nice touch. Now users can invert controls, as well as invert the motion controls. A huge bonus for many Vita BL2 users, is the ability to control the size of the rear touchpad area for those extra button controls, which are pretty much a staple of Borderlands in general (throw grenades, use powers, melee, etc.). This is great for a game like Borderlands especially, because accidentally triggering your special powerup move could put you in a real bad spot in the game if you’re about to take on a large enemy and now you have to wait for the cooldown to use it again. This personally is a feature I hope is added to Remote Play, so that when you’re using the Vita for PS4 games you have the ability to re-map the layout to your liking, or just change the size of the touch areas to eliminate accidentally hitting them while you’re holding your Vita.

As with all performance related issues in-game, a quick view of the Playstation Blog forum shows that many people are commenting that no major changes have been made to the performance of the game:

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 9.09.30 PM

Also this one,

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 9.12.42 PM

Clearly there are still issues with the game, but at least Sony’s Third Party Production team and Galaxy Studios are making efforts to patch the game and fix the issues. I think the PSVita is capable of running BL2 smoothly, but obviously with every game sometimes optimizations are needed once a game goes live. Considering how much can be on screen in terms of objects, enemies, weapons (some of those modded grenades sprout dozens more mini-grenades), the game is clearly going to push boundaries on the handheld.

What do you think? Are the improvements noticeable, or are more updates needed to get this game where it needs to be?

Source: PlaystationBlog


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