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Guacamelee! Coming to PS4 With Updates

Your favorite fighting luchadors return to Guacamelee! Coming to you on July 1st for the PlayStation 4! The team at DrinkBox Studios have brought Guacamelee! in full force to the PS4, and with added bonuses.

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Dubbed the “Super Turbo Champioship Edition,” this includes the original game plus the costume and Inferno DLC packages that were available on the PSVita and PS3. They’ve also added additional content to the game:

  • more words to the title (heh, jokes)
  • two extra save slots
  • new costumes
  • creepy hanging dolls
  • two extra levels
  • new and improved enemies
  • a new dimension-switching ability called “Shadow Swap”
  • chicken egg bombs
  • an NPC with an impossibly large head
  • and a power called INTENSO

There is also a new boss named “El Trio,” and it’s a three-headed skeleton. Awesome.

The game drops July 1st, and at current is not cross-buy, coming in at $14.99 for the original game plus all the DLC mentioned above from PSVita/PS3, and all the new content listed above as well. In the comments section of the PlaystationBlog however, there is potential that a cross-buy option may be available to ease the pain on those who already purchased the game once before, as seen by one of the responses on the thread.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 9.40.38 AM

If for nothing else, at least they are acknowledging that for legacy owners of Guacamelee! they’d like to be able to have an option for them. Personally I agree, paying another $15 seems unfair, but you are getting all that additional content for the game and for smaller studios like this every bit helps. If you’re a big fan of the game I feel like the money isn’t as much of an issue as the added content in the game will be. It’s a really fun game to play, and if you’re new to the game you should really consider it.

So, what say you? Buy or No-Buy? If you’re new to the game, check out Spider-Jew’s review of Guacamelee! on PSVita on our YouTube.


Source: PlayStation Blog



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