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Lead Character Artist Leaves Naughty Dog

With all the recent departures from Naughty Dog, another hitting the news is unfortunately not shocking anymore. Lead Character artist for The Last of Us, Michael Knowland appears to have left Naughty Dog, according to his Linked In profile. The Linked In page was cited by both GearNuke and Superannuation, where it shows Naughty Dog as “Past Employment,” ending April 2014.

It’s a strange situation for everyone watching beyond the walls of the Naughty Dog offices. Many claim there is “something going on,” while others also mention the fact that if the final touches of The Last of Us: Remastered are complete, then there is an opportunity for ND employees whose work is completed to seek other avenues in the gaming industry. With Amy Hennig’s departure a while back, the departure of these big name staffers at ND does raise an eyebrow.

One can only hope that development of TLoU: Remastered and Uncharted 4 suffers no ill-fate because of it, and that the departures are simply the ever changing desires of these people, as many have already secured new positions with other gaming companies.

What do you think about the Naught Dog departures? Are you concerned at all about the future of their games? Leave it in the comments!

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