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New Blacklight: Retribution Map!

Rejoice! Fans of Zombie Studios Blacklight: Retribution received a new map this week for the PS4. Titled Seaport, this seaside dock setting is filled with tons of pathways to sneak around your enemies, while also having multiple open areas for all out gunfights.

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And another shot of the sweet new map,

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So, if you’re ready for a new experience in Blacklight: Retribution, jump onto your PS4, update the game and lock ‘n’ load! The new map is tons of fun and if you’re wondering when Blacklight comes out of beta, this was taken from the Playstation Blog earlier this week:

“Here’s the current situation on beta. Zombie has begun the final march to the end of beta. We have one bug fix patch planned, and then the next patch is going to take us out of beta. Keep watching Zombie’s Twitter or Facebook for the date announcement.”

So keep your eyes peeled if you’ve been waiting to really jump into this game. It’s coming and with all the adjustments, enhancements, and fixes they’ve made since the game’s initial launch, it really has become one of my favorite PS4 shooters. Fast paced and a nearly endless customization system (using either in-game currency or real money) allows you to have some pretty crazy weapon combos. Matchmaking systems have also come a long way meaning you’ll be able to jump into a game with all your friends and either compete against each other or team up.

What’s your thoughts on Blacklight: Retribution? Love it? Hate it? Let us know what you’re hoping for with the last few major updates on Blacklight in the comments below!

Source: Playstation Blog



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