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PAX East 2014: Galak-Z Update

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If you’ve been paying attention to upcoming PS4 releases, I don’t have to go into detail regarding Galak-Z. Since the last time I saw it at PAX Prime back in August, a LOT has changed. The game has been rebuilt by the fantastic team over at 17-Bit to be smoother, crisper, and jam packed full of fun. Increased frame rate means no lag or stuttering when you’re flying in reverse while shooting down enemies and navigating rock caves in space. Dogfights are intense and the AI is equally as challenging when you’re on your last health bar and out of missiles.

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Other exciting news is that Galak-Z is not only coming to the PS4, but will eventually launch on the Playstation Vita, PSVita as well, followed by Steam as well. Expected release time is slated for Fall 2014, so we’ve got a little time before the awesome adventures of the Galak-Z fighter comes out. No official word on Cross-Play or Cross-Save, but the guys at 17-Bit are as excited to make this game as accessible as possible so I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens.

For more information on Galak-Z check out their website. Follow 17_Bit on Twitter.


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