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Resogun Heroes DLC Now Available!

Hop in your space ship and save the last humans again! The fan favorite side scroller gets a hefty DLC expansion available for download right now. Ian Pickles, one of the Producers at Sony XDEV, the team behind Resogun outlined the new expansion Resogun Heroes on the Playstation Blog. Here is the breakdown of what we’re getting:

Level – Avernus: A throwback to Greek mythology, Avernus is a new level based around the idea of the gate to The Underworld. XDEV wanted to create a darker styled level where the Sentients were banished to after you saved the last humans and destroyed all the bosses in the game. The level is complete with new enemies and they’re ready for payback. Suit up!

Resogun Heroes, Resogun DLC, Avernus Level, Resogun Ship Editor, Playstation Plus

Survival Mode: Survival mode is as you’d expect it; A one-life to live barrage of enemies with the goal of lasting as long as possible. There are some positive things about this though. The humans you save in the level will return with powerups to give you a slight advantage over the enemy. The powerups range from shields, turbo boosts, overcharging for your weapons, and more. The high score is the name of the game here, so get out there and make a name for yourself on the high score list!

Demolition Mode: Probably the most interesting of the added game modes, demolition brings a unique challenge. All you have for weapons is a proximity bomb that has to recharge after it’s been used. You don’t have any other regular guns, boosting ability or overdrive weapons. The only thing aside from the proximity bomb is dubbed the “wrecking ball” and if it’s caught within the radius of your proximity bomb, it’ll fly around the map destroying everything it hits. That includes you! Watch out for the wrecking ball, but survive as long as possible and you’ll see it power up. Every 1000 enemy kills the wrecking ball will become more powerful, and provide with instant recharging on your proximity bomb.

Resogun Heroes, Resogun DLC, Sony XDEV Studios, Season Pass, Wrecking Ball, Demolition Mode

Trophies: Additional trophies for each of the new game modes. So if it wasn’t awesome enough that there is now additional content for Resogun, you trophy hunters won’t have to worry that it’s all for not.

Price: The Resogun Heroes DLC is available now, and is very attractively priced at $4.99. There is also a Season Pass available, which includes the Heroes expansion as well as the future add-ons that are being developed. The Season Pass is $7.99, and if you like Resogun it’s worth the money to just get the pass. They’ve also reduced the price of Resogun for those who may not have had the chance to snag it free at launch, or have just recently acquired a PS4. Resogun will be $9.99 from today through July 7th.

This is a great addition of content for one of the coolest games on PS4. I recommend picking up the Season Pass so that you ensure you get all the additional DLC as it becomes available.


Source: Playstation Blog


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