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Secret Ponchos Hits Steam Early Access for PC!

The awesome twin-stick shooter Secret Ponchos has arrived on Steam’s Early Access program for the PC. The Spaghetti-Western shooter is still on track for the PlayStation 4 this Fall but Switchblade Monkeys, the developers behind the game are also bringing the game to Steam as well.

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We demoed the game at PAX Prime last year, and you can check out the interview I did with them here. We also did another interview at E3 this year as well, and interviewed Yousef, the man behind the Poncho on our weekly show a while back as well.

The Steam Early Access provides everyone with the opportunity to test out the game, play with the characters, get used to the controls, and have fun now rather than later this fall. Most importantly, Early Access allows the guys at Switchblade to make the game EVEN better, as any major bugs, glitches, errors, cheats, etc, are discovered now and can be fixed and adjusted before it launches. The Steam community forum is a fantastic tool and if you’re going to play the game please check out the forums and help provide some feedback for them while they’re making this game.

As a bonus to fans of the game, Switchblade Monkeys is also offering a 25% Discount on the price of the game at $11.24 (normally $14.99). You can also opt for the Posse Pack, and get 4 copies of the game for $33.74. That is an awesome way to get a few of your friends on Secret Ponchos and save a few bucks each in the process. Available right now on PC for Steam Early Access, and coming to PlayStation 4 this Fall. If you’re on Ponchos and you come across Jbond RPS, watch your back! Just kidding, but do say hi or tweet at us if you see any of us playing!

A note of warning: You MUST have an Xbox 360 or PS4 controller to play the game currently. The current build of the game does not support Keyboard and Mouse.

Get the game here (or via Steam) | Visit the Steam Forums for Secret Ponchos

Follow them on Twitter –>Switchblade Monkeys Twitter

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