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Sony PS4 Firmware 1.70 Incoming

For those waiting for HDCP restrictions to go, Sony’s PS4 Firmware Version 1.70 is just around the corner. According to International Business Times Tech & Trend Division, Sony recently announced that April 30th will be the day the newest firmware becomes available for download. The following is a breakdown of the known improvements/additions:

HDCP Protection On/Off – Many have been awaiting features from this firmware update that were expected at launch. The ability to remove HDCP protection so that external capture devices can be used to make high quality video game footage videos for things like YouTube or Twitch Livestreams.

SHAREFactory – This onboard video editing program will allow players to edit and add special effects to the videos they’ve recorded via the Share button on the Dualshock 4 Controller. There will also be a commentary feature for videos as well, so that gamers who own the Playstation Camera will be able to add video feedback of themselves as they talk about the gameplay.

UI Enhancements – “Pre-Download” features will be added for games pre-ordered, allowing a player’s PS4 Console to download the games in advance so that upon release date, they will have immediate access to their pre-ordered games, eliminating any wait time to download the game, as was the case with many Playstation 3 digital pre-orders.

Those are the three main things confirmed regarding version 1.70. We also have heard rumors regarding the ability to dim the brightness of your DualShock 4’s lightbar, but will not be able to confirm that until the update hits tomorrow and we have hands-on time with the update and UI adjustments. It’s been a very long time coming for those who’ve been patiently waiting for HDCP removal, and I think we will see an influx in PS4 generated content for YouTube in terms of “Let’s Plays,” Tutorials, and general gameplay videos.

What are you most excited about the newest Playstation 4 Firmware update? Let us know in the comments or tweet us!

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