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The Last of Us 1.07 Patch Hits Today!

Naughty Dog has another set of additional content for The Last of Us, and it hits today with new DLC content and a new patch for the game.

Patch 1.07 brings a whole list of changes to TLoU, and here is a quick breakdown of the additions:

Single Player: Grounded Difficulty added to Single Player game. AI becomes “super aggressive.”


– Bug Fixes: Invisibility Glitch, “Stuck on Black Screen” Glitch are the two most prominent issues many people were experiencing. This patch should resolve that issue.

– The Military Sniper has reduced aim assist. (Thank You ND!)

– Machete: The machete now will interrupt melee attacks like a gunshot. It also has a 3 swing animation and takes 3 hits with the machete to down an enemy.

– Melee Weapons: ALL Melee weapons now require three items to upgrade (blade, binding and rag)

– Weapons:

– Burst Rifle destroys armor in 2 bullets

– First upgrade on 9mm Pistol and Shorty cost 250 Parts

– Hunting Rifle Base Scope-In time has slightly increased at base level, but upgraded levels remain the same.

– Hunting Rifle/Military Rifle Headshot damage has been increased. (Personally I think this isn’t necessary)

– Silenced weapons can be heard less easily at a distance, allowing for longer range engagements without sound.

– Level Adjustments:

– Downtown has had brightness adjustments to make characters more visible and overall lighting of the map has increased.

NEW MAPS! — Water Tower, Capitol, Coal Mine, and Wharf

NEW WEAPONS! — Full-Auto Rifle, Enforcer, Double Barrel, Specter, Launcher. (Available from the PSN Store. Included in the Season Pass for TLoU)

NEW SURVIVAL SKILLS! — Executioner, Scavenger, Damage Marker, Awareness, Fortitude, Gunslinger, Bomb Expert, and Agility. These should change the game in terms of how each player defines their style, and may help those who’ve already perfected the way they play the game.

– 2 Additional Custom Loadout Slots have been added, so players have a total of 6 Custom Loadout Slots.

…So that’s some of the things I think are most important to highlight out of all the new updates from either DLC or the 1.07 Patch. New weapons, maps, AND we get two additional loadout slots? Boom. Awesome! Great stuff coming from the team at Naughty Dog. Surely this will bring the TLoU community that may have strayed to other games back, and it’ll help reinforce the competitive nature of the MP with all the additional customization amongst all the new load-out attributes for each individual play style.

For the full write up from Naughty Dog regarding 1.07, Click here.

Let us know what you think is the coolest addition from 1.07 in the comments below! Make sure you tune into our twitch channel for Survivor Sundays, where we play TLoU MP with friends and fans during our live show!

Source: Naughty Dog


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  • Jimmy T

    man this all looks so awesome! can’t wait to download all this DLC and try it out!