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Andrew reviews the standalone DLC to inFAMOUS: Second Son!
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Radio PlayStation 5-19-15

Today, on Radio PlayStation, Crazy_S and Spider-Jew discuss there fun weekends, and Spider-Jew shares a photo he found of Crazy_S at Disneyland. Spider-Jew discusses recent PlayStation game news and releases for the week. Radio Playstation Podcast

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Radio PlayStation 5-12-15

Today on Radio PlayStation, Spider-Jew and Crazy_S discuss their previous week and Crazy’s Disneyland plans for this weekend. Spider-Jew reviews the stream schedule for the weekend and expresses concern for his wallet, due to LEGO Dimensions. Then, the guys discuss new releases and game news from the previous week. Radio Playstation Podcast

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Radio PlayStation 5-5-15

On this week’s show, Spider-Jew and Crazy_S discuss the games they played, or lack there of, over the previous week. Spider-Jew attempts an intervention to bring Crazy_S’s addiction to The Last of Us to light. Pizza is eaten, tears are shed. Crazy_S tries out Ether One, free for PS4 with PSPlus, for the first time. […]

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Radio PlayStation 4-14-15

Spider-Jew and Crazy_S discuss how the past few weeks have been for them. Spider binge watched the Daredevil series on Netflix and shares his Spoiler-free thoughts on the show. Crazy and Spider try out Titan Souls and Mortal Kombat X for the first time. Radio Playstation Podcast

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Radio PlayStation 3-10-15 (PAX East Recap)

On today’s show, Crazy_S, Spider-Jew and Jbond discuss their PAX East adventure. There were so many games played and enjoyed, watch and listen to find out some of our favorites. Also, the return of BigFeetBigMeet! Radio Playstation Podcast

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Radio PlayStation 3-3-15

Crazy_S and Spider-Jew discuss recent events in their lives; Crazy_S platinumed The Order: 1886! Radio PlayStation will be at Pax East; find Jbond, Crazy_S, and Spider-Jew in Boston this weekend! Spider-Jew and Crazy_S eat and review some jerky from JerkyXP. Radio Playstation Podcast

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Radio PlayStation 2-24-15

On today’s show, Spider-Jew and Crazy_S discuss some of their thoughts on The Order: 1886. Spider-Jew discusses some recent PlayStation news with the viewers. Acdramon calls in to disucss his campaign to get in inFAMOUS: Second Son. Crazy_S and Spider-Jew help a viewer ask a girl on a date. HyperDude calls in to discuss the […]

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Radio PlayStation 2-10-15

Spider-Jew and Crazy_S discuss recent PlayStation news. Spider-Jew might be a little excited about the recent Spider-Man movie news! Hear his thoughts on the matter and how Miles could become the Spider-Man of the MCU! Radio Playstation Podcast

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