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Jungle Rumble Review (PSVita)

Jungle Rumble is an indie game for the Vita by Disco Pixel. It revolves around the concept of music and tempo, using touch controls. You control a monkey, or monkeys depending on the level and using touch controls you tap or “drum” on the screen to move the monkeys to the beat of the game. […]

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citizens of earth, coe, atlus, snes style rpg, jrpg game, psvita, playstation 4,

Citizens of Earth Review (PS4)

Attention citizens! The Vice President of the Earth (yep, the WHOLE earth) needs your help! Following in the footsteps of some very wonderful JRPG SNES games, Citizens of Earth takes a cast of characters and takes you on a wacky journey. Your role as the Vice President of the Earth is pretty odd though, given […]

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sucker punch studios, infamous first light dlc, second son dlc, delsin rowe, abagail walker, fetch, neon powers,

InFamous: First Light DLC Mini-Review

inFamous First Light is a standalone “DLC” game that takes place in the same time and space asĀ inFamous Second Son. Instead of expanding onĀ Delsin Rowe’s storyline, the game instead focuses on the story of Fetch, another conduit who has a neon power. You met her in Second Son, but now you’ve got a chance to […]

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never alone game, neveralone, alaska game, nuna and the fox, family games, steam pc games, ps4 games,

Never Alone Review (PS4)

Never Alone is a game I love for what it shows me, even though it also makes me sad. If you enjoy games that have direct connections to history and culture, and are also fun to play, this game is very much for you. Never Alone takes you on a cultural and spiritual journey across […]

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Flyhunter Origins,

Flyhunter Origins Review (PSVita)

Flyhunter Origins is a side-scrolling bug-swatting platformer from Ripstone Ltd, developed by Steel Wool Games. The game has an interesting story, good plot-line, and a likable main character to tag along with as you make your way across several episodes, each containing a few levels. While the control scheme is solid, it does sometimes look […]

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Sho Me Whatcya Got! Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Review (PS3)

I’m not a fighting game person, but this is a fun fighting game. Also I get destroyed every online match I’ve played. True story. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is currently available for download on the PSN Store or retailers for $59.99 on the PlayStation 3 and X360. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is the successor to […]

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steam speed run, pc game, spoiler alert

Review: Spoiler Alert (Steam)

Another non-PSN game, Spoiler Alert is a frustratingly enjoyable speedrunning game in which you play it backwards. Yes, backwards. Your character, a clever little red chili pepper, runs from right to left in reverse. That’s kind of the “thing” about this game. You un-beat it. You start in the last world of the game, on […]

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Review: Mousecraft (PSN)

Mousecraft is a puzzle game made by Curve Studios. If you’ve ever played Lemmings or any game like that, it will feel very familiar to you. Available on PS Vita, PS3, and PS4 and it’s cross-buy/cross-save, so you can play it on whatever PlayStation console you’d prefer. I had to take flight recently, and Mousecraft […]

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