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Divekick Review

Divekick, a spoof of fighting games of today, is a simple 2 button fighting game that is easy to play and hard to fully master. From the character names, to the actions they perform in the game, it pokes fun at real fighting game players and their motifs. Divekick is not afraid to make fun of itself, and it makes the game even more charming the more you play. Even if you love or hate fighting games, Divekick is a great $10 purchase, with Cross-buy and Cross-save support.

Divekick offers 13 characters and 3 modes: Story, Versus, and Online. Story offers a standard arcade mode fighting random characters from the game until you hit the final boss. There are short, comic book drawn, still image cutscenes that briefly detail the background of the characters. Versus is your standard 2 player offline mode, and Online allows you to join ranked and unranked matches. Online is definitely the star mode. In addition to matches, there are also rooms you can join, and online leaderboards for each individual character.  There are a small amount of modes, but they will keep you entertained for a long while, and it makes the $10 purchase worth it in the end.

The game is only played with 2 buttons, which can be chosen by you at the start of the game. One button dives, or jumps and the other kicks. The first to hit the other opponent wins a point, and the first to 5 points wins the game. Each character has their own version of the divekick, such as Kung Pao kicking at a more horizontal angle than others, or Dr. Shoals, who can redirect their kick angle while in the air. Every character also has a special meter that allows for a specific attribute. Filling the meter completely allows the character to dive and kick faster, until the meter depletes. I found letting the meter fill completely is a much better strategy than using specific abilities. The abilities, at times, take too long to activate, and by then, you might be toast. Finally before each match, you can choose a gem, which is a parody of the gem system in Street Fighter X Tekken, which allows you to dive, kick or build meter faster. The fourth gem, titled YOLO gem starts you with only one life, but gives your character better dive, kick and meter building abilities. The YOLO gem is somewhat of a death sentence, but is very rewarding if you can somehow pull off a comeback. The other gems don’t really offer a significant boost in attributes, and don’t offer a game changing experience. Under its simple gameplay, Divekick offers a lot of depth and strategy. For example, Dr. Shoals can change angle in the air, but her length of kick can sometimes extend from screen to screen. Playing as Dive or Kick, the player can play very close to Shoals, and hit her when she lands.

With a simplistic look, Divekick doesn’t seem to offer much in presentation, but when you get into it, it’s the complete opposite. Jokes run wild, from the loading screen, to the character’s one-liners after they lose a round. It’s full of small chuckles that parody real world quotes and fighting game quirks. On the eve of getting shut out in a match, a “Fraud Detection” warning appears on the screen. Get a big lead and come close to blowing it? A “Choke Detection” warning appears. All of these things are great in showing Divekick’s charm, and this amount of comedic detail gives the game its personality.

As a $10 PSN, Cross-buy, Cross-save game, I would recommend it to anyone looking for an accessible game and look for a good time. It’s a pleasant form of entertainment, and even non video game players can grasp the simple two button controls. Iron Galaxy put a lot of effort and care into each little aspect of the game and it shows.


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