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Saturday Smackdown


**Hey look, Important PRIZE news!**
Interested in winning a God of War Ascension poster? Well, watch the Saturday Smackdown stream on 3/30 and you might win.

1) Tweet your friends about the show tonight, using #SaturdaySmackdown and be sure to mention @itsRadioPS or, you know, just RT any of our tweets about it.

2) Watch the stream, starting at 5PM PST on our Twitch channel.

Hope to see you for the event tonight! Keep reading if you want to participate in the stream. And thanks for stopping by!
**Important PRIZE news is over, but there is still more to read!**

Saturday Smackdown is streamed every Saturday, from 5PM PST to 8PM PST. If you are interested in playing a few matches during the stream, send us a PSN message (RadioPS_LIVE) or reply here to let me know. Throughout the stream, I will be adding people and inviting them to matches. Our Saturday Smackdowns for All-Stars has been great, and I hope to continue this with God of War Ascension. Also, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them here, as well. I never know if what I write ends up being confusing to some.

Since All-Stars was released, each Saturday has been a community game night for that game. But now, with the release of God of War Ascension, we will be expanding this game night to include Ascension Multiplayer!

I really enjoy the game and wanted to dedicate a community game night to playing matches with other gamers, streaming it for people that don’t yet have the game, and just creating a fun time for all of us that love the game.