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Destiny New Years Gift Awaits You In Tower

Hey everyone, so I just saw this e-mail in my inbox today, and you may have it too! A Happy New Years from Destiny has led to a “benefactor” leaving a gift to Destiny players with the postmaster in Tower. Pretty sweet. This was the e-mail that I received. No idea if the gift you […]

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Bungie Spells Out Balancing In Multiplayer, Touts 3.2 Million Average Players

In a post by DeeJ, the community manager for Bungie/Destiny, he talks a bit about the criticism faced for those level 27-8-9’s who’ve jumped into the Iron Banner and found themselves not stomping the opposition like ants. Many expected that the “non buffed” Iron Banner would be a kill fest for higher level players […]

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Destiny Beta Dates, Collector’s Edition and DLC Detailed

Many new details regarding Destiny, Bungie’s new shooter have been announced. The beta for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 users begins on July 17th. On Monday, July 21st, the beta will go offline for maintenance and return Wednesday, July 23rd. The beta will last until Sunday, July 27th. Content of the beta includes players starting […]

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Destiny Bundle Gets Glacier White PS4

As if the excitement over the recently released Destiny Alpha wasn’t enough, the Destiny Bundle showcased at E3 has many people chomping at the bit to get one. Most notably about the bundle, is that it includes a “Glacier White” PS4 Console. That’s right, if you didn’t want a plain old black console as is […]

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