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Switchblade Monkeys On RadioPS

Hello person reading this, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Jew here! On December 11, we had a special episode of Radio PlayStation. Yousuf and Tony, from Switchblade Monkeys, joined us on the show to tell us all the amazing things we should know about their upcoming PS4 game, Secret Ponchos! The podcast and video are below, as […]

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Review: Proteus

Proteus take a step off of the beaten path, visually, mentally, and emotionally. It’s a first person exploration styled game where you just walk, and experience the breath taking landscape around you. You’re comforted with objects in the world that you can look at and not touch. Proteus takes you somewhere that you have never […]

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Saturday Smackdown 8-3-13

Epidsode 19 – Donut Time Highlight video from our weekly Saturday Smackdown stream. If you are interested in playing a fighting game online with us for Saturday Smackdown, leave a comment below or message RadioPS_LIVE on the PSN. Shows start at 5PM PST every Saturday.

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Say hello to me, BeyondGuy

      Okay people of the internet, apparently I am the newest writer for Radio Playstation. This did not come as a surprise for me, since my writings can only be compared to the likes of Shakespeare and Gaiman.  But first let me tell you a bit about my self. If I had to […]

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Radio Playstation 12/1/11

Today on Radio Playstation, Spider-Jew and Crazy_S spend time talking about plans for the show. Spider-Jew and Crazy_S talk about a bunch of randomness, some PlayStation related. burton18000 and acdramon call in for Fill In The Gap and discover that viewers can call in through the PSN. Add RadioPS_LIVE on the PSN to call live […]

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Radio Playstation 11-28-11

Today on Radio Playstation, Spider-Jew and Crazy_S talk about their Black Friday adventure. Spider-Jew discusses game deals and recent news, such as the Sony “Smash Bros.” project that may or not be real. Spider-Jew and Crazy_S play a few rounds of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and hang out in PlayStation Home with the viewers. […]

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Radio Playstation 11-21-11

Today on Radio Playstation, Spider-Jew and Crazy_S introduce new additions to the family, their awesome PlayStation sign and their Chief Media Consultant, Will. Spider-Jew went over recent PlayStation news and upcoming Black Friday deals. Spider-Jew and Crazy_S spend time talking with viewers on Skype during Fill In The Gap. Crazy_S reviews the new PlayStation 3D […]

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