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GalakZ, 17bit, PS4, PSV,

PAX East 2014: Galak-Z Update

If you’ve been paying attention to upcoming PS4 releases, I don’t have to go into detail regarding Galak-Z. Since the last time I saw it at PAX Prime back in August, a LOT has changed. The game has been rebuilt by the fantastic team over at 17-Bit to be smoother, crisper, and jam packed full […]

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playstation 4 game, infamous, second son, infamous: second son, neon power game,

Infamous Second Son Update Coming Soon

Just over a week ago, Infamous: Second Son launched on PS4, and the developers at Sucker Punch have been listening to fan feedback over this short time. Coming no earlier than 2 weeks from now, Sucker Punch is working on a new patch to allow for features the fans have been asking for. Change Time […]

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Hideo Kojima: “PS4 is Best Home Console Available in the Domestic Market”

In an interview with popular Japanese video game magazine Famitsu, Metal Gear director Hideo Kojima spoke highly of the Playstation 4. He says the console is “excellent for graphics, being able to render 1080p at 60fps with room to spare”. This technology helped Kojima to achieve incredible photorealism on his new game Metal Gear Solid […]

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rayman, rayman legends, ubisoft, playstation 4, ps4,

Rayman Legends on PS4: Your Questions Answered

Next week sees the release of Ubisoft’s phenomenal platformer Rayman Legends on PS4. The limbless mascot’s latest adventure won huge acclaim when it launched on PS3 and PS Vita last year, and we can’t wait to see how its gorgeous visuals translate on the new hardware. With that in mind, we’ve been harvesting a few of your questions via Twitter and […]

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ps4, playstation 4 sales, ps4 vs xboxone, 100 million units sold,

DFC: PS4 Has “Slight Edge” in Race to 100 Million Units Sold

DFC Intelligence, a firm dedicated to entertainment industry research, recently shared their next generation hardware forecasts with GamesIndustry International. Some highlights from the report are as follows: “Video Game Industry revenue expected to go from $68 billion to $77 billion in 2014.” Industry likely to fall just short of “$100 billion by 2018″, reaching approximately […]

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Gold Wireless Headset Confirmed; Pulse Patch Dated

The Sony Playstation Gold Wireless Headset that began popping up all over the internet last week has been officially confirmed on the Playstation blog this morning. The headset is said to be launching early this month, and is marketed at 99.99USD, 30.00 cheaper than originally thought. If you need a wireless headset for your PS4, […]

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Golden Age thumb

Has the Golden Age of Playstation Begun?

Ever since the mid 90s, Playstation has been a household name. The introduction of the Playstation 1 revolutionized and revitalized an entire industry. It sold over 100 million units and served as a stepping stone to the best selling video game console of all time, the Playstation 2. The Playstation 2 had a lot of […]

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