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Hand of Fate, Deckbuilding RPG, Steam Early Access,

Hand of Fate Coming to PS4, Available Now On Steam Early Access

Hand of Fate, the hybrid RPG, action-adventure, rogue-like game that also combines table top and card game features is now available on Steam Early Access! It’s also being made for PlayStation 4 as well! Hand of Fate is a kickstarter funded game by Defiant Development. To see a gameplay video and additional screens, check out the […]

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PlayBook 4, The Portable Laptop PS4 You’ll Want to See recently reported on this, but I thought it was cool enough that I would also share it with you. Turns out there is a guy taking PS4s and turning them into portable laptop versions he calls the “PlayBook 4.” Ed Zarick, a self taught (genius) engineer has used 3D printing and Laser cutting to make these […]

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Lone Survivor Drops On PS4 October 14th

Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut will be available on the PlayStation 4 this October. Curve Studios had previously brought the title to PS3 as well as the PlayStation Vita, where it became one of Curve’s most successful titles. Curve is also known for games like Stealth Inc., MouseCraft, among others. Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut […]

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TellTale Games, TTG, The Wolf Among Us, Wolf Among Us game, FABLES,

The Wolf Among Us Full Series Coming to Retailers This November!

The acclaimed series The Wolf Among Us from Telltale Games gets a physical copy for release on November 4th, as well as release on next-gen consoles. For those who don’t already know, The Wolf Among Us falls in line with the same styling and game mechanics as The Walking Dead series. The Wolf Among Us takes […]

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Chariot Game, Frima Studio, PlayStation 4, Couch Co-Op

Chariot Gets a Release Date for PS4!

Chariot is a lovely side-scrolling puzzle platformer and it’s coming to the PlayStation 4 this month! Chariot’s storyline revolves around a young princess and her loyal fiance who must deliver her father’s remains to his final resting place. The two must take this Chariot holding the King’s remains throughout a series of underground mazes to […]

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PAX Prime 2014,PAX2014, Bloodborne, Sony Playstation, PS4, PAX Sony Booth

Why Bloodborne Should Be On Your Pre-Order List

After playing through the Bloodborne Demo at PAX Prime, I can say to those who might still be on the fence; The game looks amazing, the combat is intense, and it’s definitely challenging. While the care in detail to physical environments are immediately noticeable, the combat system in this game is phenomenal. If you haven’t […]

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The Order 1886, Sir Galahad, Thermite Rifle, Sony Santa Monica Studios,

Cover Based Shooting Makes The Order 1886 Feel Just Right

The Order: 1886 is a new third person shooter coming from Ready At Dawn and published by Sony’s own Santa Monica Studios slated for early next year. The game revolves around the story of Sir Galahad, a member of an elite group of Knights who has an arsenal of advanced weaponry to fight against some […]

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Pre-Loading Now Available on PS4

After a long wait, you can now download your games several days in advance so you can just boot them up on release. Pre-loading has been a long teased feature for the PS4 for a while now. This feature will alleviate the problem of having to download a game on release day, which could not […]

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