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Why Bloodborne Should Be On Your Pre-Order List

After playing through the Bloodborne Demo at PAX Prime, I can say to those who might still be on the fence; The game looks amazing, the combat is intense, and it’s definitely challenging. While the care in detail to physical environments are immediately noticeable, the combat system in this game is phenomenal. If you haven’t […]

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The Order 1886, Sir Galahad, Thermite Rifle, Sony Santa Monica Studios,

Cover Based Shooting Makes The Order 1886 Feel Just Right

The Order: 1886 is a new third person shooter coming from Ready At Dawn and published by Sony’s own Santa Monica Studios slated for early next year. The game revolves around the story of Sir Galahad, a member of an elite group of Knights who has an arsenal of advanced weaponry to fight against some […]

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Pre-Loading Now Available on PS4

After a long wait, you can now download your games several days in advance so you can just boot them up on release. Pre-loading has been a long teased feature for the PS4 for a while now. This feature will alleviate the problem of having to download a game on release day, which could not […]

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Win The Last Of Us Limited Edition Stategy Guide!

Hello wonderful Radio PlayStation fans! We have another great giveaway for you guys this month; A limited edition strategy guide for The Last of Us. This thing is epic! It includes the full walkthrough to get you through the game, highly detailed maps for single player as well as multiplayer, along with the locations of […]

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Destiny Bundle, Glacier White PS4, Playstation 4 Console, Playstation 4 Bundles,

Destiny Bundle Gets Glacier White PS4

As if the excitement over the recently released Destiny Alpha wasn’t enough, the Destiny Bundle showcased at E3 has many people chomping at the bit to get one. Most notably about the bundle, is that it includes a “Glacier White” PS4 Console. That’s right, if you didn’t want a plain old black console as is […]

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LittleBigPlanet 3 Also Coming to PS3

In a twitter questioning, community manager of LittleBigPlanet Steven Isbell, shed some light on people hoping that that the third installment in the series would also be headed to PS3. Well you’ll be happy to know it is, in fact, coming to PS3 with more specific news incoming. Also, make sure you tune into the […]

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No Man’s Sky is a Beautiful Space Adventure Game

No Man’s Sky is a very crisp looking Science-Fiction Space Adventure game. It’s driven by a procedurally generated universe so everywhere you see, you can go. The world(s) are seamless so you can fly to and from wherever you want, exploring the sights and sounds of the universe. Don’t think it’s all fun and games […]

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bf 4 private servers, battlefield 4, bf4, playstation 4

Private Servers Now Available on Battlefield 4 for PS4

Another long awaited addition to EA’s Battlefield 4 for the PS4 (and presumably Xbox One version as well) was private servers. For the competitive gamers, or clan/group-based gaming communities, private servers allow for no-nonsense (or entirely nonsense) gaming to take place. Set your own rules, make your server only accessible to you and your friends […]

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