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Another DriveClub Server Update, Still No PS Plus Edition

If you’ve been following the DriveClub situation, you know it’s been a rough ride for them (driving puns are awesome). Since day 1 the game has had players unable to connect to the servers, or constant connects and disconnects while in races, equally as frustrating. They’ve made updates to the servers so that the “majority” […]

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Borderlands 2 for PSVita Gets Updates But Is It Enough?

Several weeks after the launch of Borderlands 2 for the PSVita, the game finally gets some much needed updates. Galaxy Studios, the dev house that worked on BL2 for Vita has made adjustments in update 1.04 (available today, June 20th) that should help overall stability of the game, as many players noted issues with frame […]

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Secret Ponchos Hits Steam Early Access for PC!

The awesome twin-stick shooter Secret Ponchos has arrived on Steam’s Early Access program for the PC. The Spaghetti-Western shooter is still on track for the PlayStation 4 this Fall but Switchblade Monkeys, the developers behind the game are also bringing the game to Steam as well. We demoed the game at PAX Prime last year, […]

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PlayStation Plus June Preview

As E3 approaches, Sony has announced the June lineup for PlayStation Plus. This new month also comes with some changes to the Instant Game Collection. Before, games were released every week throughout the month, but now all games will be available from the first Tuesday of the month, to the first Tuesday of the following […]

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PlayStation Plus March Preview

Each month for PlayStation Plus seems to have a theme, one month it’s shooters, the next month it’s racing games. This month’s theme is survival. Whether it’s surviving in Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, which comes to the PS4 as an update of the fan favorite PSN Game on PS3, or trying to survive a hoard […]

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Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition on PS4

Housemarque, the acclaimed developer behind Resogun, Super Stardust, and Dead Nation has announced that the latter of the three will arrive on Playstation 4 in the form of an apocalypse edition. The special edition will include the “Road to Devestation” expansion and will come packing a bevy of new features. Amongst these is the Broadcast+ […]

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Don’t Starve: A RadioPS Adventure – Episode 2

Episode 2 – Follow The Tracks Spider-Jew begins his Don’t Starve adventure, now available on the PS4 (Free for Plus)! Spider-Jew continues his adventure, following a trail of animal footprints. Previous Episode: If you enjoyed this, feel free to like the video and leave a comment.

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Sony Unveils 14 for ’14 Sale

PlayStation fans rejoice, Sony has announced a sale on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games dubbed 14 for ’14. The following games will be on sale starting January 14th. (First price is the sale price, second price is for PlayStation Plus members). PlayStation 3: Bit Trip Presents Runner 2 ($7.49, $3.75) Crysis 3 ($9.99, $5.00) […]

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