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Awesomenauts Assemble! Updates for PS4

Awesomenauts Assemble! is getting an update for the PS4 today, patch 1.3, called the Frozen Frontier update. It’s a huge update for the PS4 which¬†contains the following: – A New Map – FREE New Character – New Shop System Here’s a lovely image that better outlines (and¬†it looks WAY cooler) the updates rather than reading […]

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Radio PlayStation 3-10-15 (PAX East Recap)

On today’s show, Crazy_S, Spider-Jew and Jbond discuss their PAX East adventure. There were so many games played and enjoyed, watch and listen to find out some of our favorites. Also, the return of BigFeetBigMeet! Radio Playstation Podcast

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PAX First Look – Lost Orbit

Lost Orbit is another indie gem I got to play at PAX East this past weekend. It’s fast, it’s challenging, and you’re going to die a lot. Remember, no one can hear you scream in space, but they can hear you scream at the Lost Orbit booth at PAX. So you’re a little spaceman and […]

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PAX First Look – We Are Doomed

TLDR; We Are Doomed is a fast paced, twin-stick shooter that’ll challenge your wits, coordination, and eyeballs. Seriously, it’s so colorful and fun you’ll be in a panic but excited at the same time. We Are Doomed is another great example of how expansive you can be when it comes to twin-stick shooters. It’s got […]

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PAX First Look – The Swindle

Curve Digital might be one of my favorite developers/publishers. They make and publish their own games, but also help other indies publish games as well. The Swapper, Stealth Inc., Olli Olli, and the up and coming game The Swindle, are all titles published by Curve Digital. (Some are their games too). The Swindle revolves around […]

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Hand of Fate Now Available on PS4!

Hand of Fate, a game we previously reported on while in kickstarter, is now available today for PS4. The RPG blended card-game sends players into an exciting but dangerous world of life and death. The card game elements really act to enhance the strategy of the game and make for a fun experience. Gamers build […]

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Dying Light Now Available!

Dying Light is now available for the PS4! Warner Bros. Studios and TechLand teamed up to make a zombie hackin’, zombie slashin’, open-world game. We had some hands on experience back at PAX Prime and I was very impressed with how much more depth the game had than I was expecting. Now, it’s out so […]

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Citizens of Earth Review (PS4)

Attention citizens! The Vice President of the Earth (yep, the WHOLE earth) needs your help! Following in the footsteps of some very wonderful JRPG SNES games, Citizens of Earth takes a cast of characters and takes you on a wacky journey. Your role as the Vice President of the Earth is pretty odd though, given […]

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