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Hand of Fate, Deckbuilding RPG, Steam Early Access,

Hand of Fate Now Available on PS4!

Hand of Fate, a game we previously reported on while in kickstarter, is now available today for PS4. The RPG blended card-game sends players into an exciting but dangerous world of life and death. The card game elements really act to enhance the strategy of the game and make for a fun experience. Gamers build […]

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DyingLight, Dying light zombies, mirrors edge zombie game, techland, warner brothers game studio, playstation 4, zombie shooters,

Dying Light Now Available!

Dying Light is now available for the PS4! Warner Bros. Studios and TechLand teamed up to make a zombie hackin’, zombie slashin’, open-world game. We had some hands on experience back at PAX Prime and I was very impressed with how much more depth the game had than I was expecting. Now, it’s out so […]

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citizens of earth, coe, atlus, snes style rpg, jrpg game, psvita, playstation 4,

Citizens of Earth Review (PS4)

Attention citizens! The Vice President of the Earth (yep, the WHOLE earth) needs your help! Following in the footsteps of some very wonderful JRPG SNES games, Citizens of Earth takes a cast of characters and takes you on a wacky journey. Your role as the Vice President of the Earth is pretty odd though, given […]

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sucker punch studios, infamous first light dlc, second son dlc, delsin rowe, abagail walker, fetch, neon powers,

InFamous: First Light DLC Mini-Review

inFamous First Light is a standalone “DLC” game that takes place in the same time and space asĀ inFamous Second Son. Instead of expanding onĀ Delsin Rowe’s storyline, the game instead focuses on the story of Fetch, another conduit who has a neon power. You met her in Second Son, but now you’ve got a chance to […]

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never alone game, neveralone, alaska game, nuna and the fox, family games, steam pc games, ps4 games,

Never Alone Review (PS4)

Never Alone is a game I love for what it shows me, even though it also makes me sad. If you enjoy games that have direct connections to history and culture, and are also fun to play, this game is very much for you. Never Alone takes you on a cultural and spiritual journey across […]

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Destiny PS4, Cryptarch gifts, legendary engram drops, legendary destiny pulse rifle,

Destiny New Years Gift Awaits You In Tower

Hey everyone, so I just saw this e-mail in my inbox today, and you may have it too! A Happy New Years from Destiny has led to a “benefactor” leaving a gift to Destiny players with the postmaster in Tower. Pretty sweet. This was the e-mail that I received. No idea if the gift you […]

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Radio PlayStation 12-9-14

Spider-Jew, Crazy_S, Jennasaurasrex, and more discuss their time at PlayStation Experience! The show gains a new fan of the show, through way of pizza delivery, and Acdramon regals the viewers with tales of his missing circle! Radio Playstation Podcast

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PS Plus Free Games For December 2014

Another month, another selection of quality PS Plus Free Games! First up, my personal highlight of the month, Secret Ponchos. We covered this game at PAX East and PAX Prime, and we’re super excited to finally have it on console. Secret Ponchos was developed by Switchblade Monkeys and it is an awesome spaghetti-western twin-stick shooter […]

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