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PAX East 2014: Secret Ponchos Update

Secret Ponchos is a Spaghetti-Western style twin-stick shoot’em up game coming to the PS4 and Steam. If you’ve never heard of it at all, check out our first interview with the guys at Switchblade Monkeys, the developers of the game here. In a nutshell, Secret Ponchos is a fast-paced, twin-stick shooter where you play against […]

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Switchblade Monkeys On RadioPS

Hello person reading this, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Jew here! On December 11, we had a special episode of Radio PlayStation. Yousuf and Tony, from Switchblade Monkeys, joined us on the show to tell us all the amazing things we should know about their upcoming PS4 game, Secret Ponchos! The podcast and video are below, as […]

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A next gen spaghetti western called “Secret Ponchos” coming to PS4

Secret Ponchos is a game set in the Wild West, filled with outlaws, bandits, and bounty hunters. It’s kill or be killed to survive around these parts, because there is always a bounty on your head, and someone is trying to make your achievements and legacy their own. Secret Ponchos is an online title that […]

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